【USA】Tattoo Metal Workstations With 2 Tattoo Chair Combination Packages 6-Pcs

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Standard Configuration:

  • Tattoo Client Chair (black) - TA-TC-01C
  • Tattoo Artist Chair(black) - TA-AC-07
  • Metal Tattoo Workstation Tool Cabinet - TA-WS-03+3 Accessories


Tattoo Client Chair (black) - TA-TC-01C
(The legs part of the chair cannot be rotated.)


174/189(L)*80(W)*60/78(H)cm / 68.50''/74.41''*31.50''*23.62''-30.71''


  • Bed length: 184-199cm (including legs: 48-63cm; seat cushion: 56cm; backrest: 80cm)
  • Height from bed surface to ground: 60-75cm
  • Select high-quality PU leather, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant and waterproof
  • Hydraulic lifting, manual operation, smooth and labor-saving
  • Sturdy structure, 200kg load capacity, suitable for customers of different weights
  • Two-year warranty, lifetime after-sales service
  • U.S. inventory, fast delivery

Tattoo Artist Chair(black) - TA-AC-07



  • Total height of chair: 91-134 cm
  • Height of backrest 1: 18 cm
  • Backrest 1 length: 40 cm
  • Extension height of backrest 1: 18-32 cm
  • Backrest 2 height: 27 cm
  • Backrest 2 length: 49 cm
  • The overall extension height of the backrest: 27-42 cm
  • Chair lift height: 46-60 cm
  • Chair bottom frame length: 64 cm
  • Soft seat length: 50 cm
  • Soft seat width: 45 cm
  • Soft cushion angle adjustment: 3-6°
  • Backrest angle adjustment: 85°-115°
  • The maximum height of the backrest and headrest: 16cm (the headrest is removable)


  • The chair headrest can be disassembled and the height can be extended. The tattoo artist can adjust the chair as needed.
  • The inclination of the chair cushion can be adjusted to suit the tattoo artist's sitting habits. (Cushion adjustment 3-6°)
  • The backrest can be adjusted back and forth (85-115°), and you can customize your own chair.
  • Thicken 4 layers of high resilience sponge. The clients will not feel numb and comfortable after sitting for a long time.
  • Waterproof and antifouling PVC leather, easy to take care of, and the leather wears a long time.
  • SGS-certified lifting air pole is safe and guaranteed.
  • Super quiet and super smooth PU pulley.
  • 3 manually adjustable hand boards, easy to operate.
  • The chair can support 300 pounds and can roll on a stable base with 5 wheels.
  • The metal chassis is stable, will not shake, and has strong handling.
  • Easy to install, it can be fully installed in 5 minutes with installation videos.

Metal Tattoo Workstation Tool Cabinet - TA-WS-03+3 Accessories




Detailed Description:

1. Easy moving, with 2 lockable wheels
2. Big capacity with 4 drawers
3. High quality made by stainless steel
4. With adjustable stainless steel holder
5.With light and phone holder

3 Accessories:

1. The LED light is detachable and movable.
2. Paper towel rod rack, movable direction.
3. Stainless steel tray, adjustable.

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