【USA】Tattoo Cling Wrap Waterproof Tattoo Premium Preservative Film Clear

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Tattoo Cling Wrap Waterproof Tattoo Premium Preservative Film Clear
Size: 50cm width * 300 meters / 20inch *119 inch
Weight: 5 kg

  • Product selling points:
1.4 times the tensile strength, high tear strength
2. Double strength adhesion, strong winding ability, not easy to fall off
3. High toughness, strong puncture resistance and good quality
4. High transparency, uniform thickness

  • The product has strong practicability:
1. The wrapping of the tattoo bed prevents ink from penetrating into the leather surface.
2. Ensure that the tattoo chair is clean and hygienic, giving customers a peace of mind.
3. It can prevent the furniture from being scratched and dustproof.

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