【EU】 TATARTIST King Szie Armrest for Tattooing TA-AM-21

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TATARTIST King Szie Armrest for Tattooing

  • Tattoo stand Parameter:
  • Tattoo stand Colour: Black
  • Tattoo stand Product Size:
  1. Height 70-96cm, 27.5-37.8 inches
  2. Cushion 31*69cm, 12.2-27.2 inches
  3. Base frame 36*56cm, 14.2-22 inches
  • Function:
  1. Lifting 70-96cm, 27.5-37.8 inches
  2. Inclination: 0-20°
  • Cushion rotation angle: 0-180°

  1. Upgraded version, the height can be adjusted through the pneumatic telescopic rod, and the operation is more convenient by easily twisting the wrench
  2. Does not take up space, strong storage capacity, sufficient storage space.
  3. The pedals are firm and do not shake.
  4. Multi-function adjustment. Height and angle can be adjusted according to needs, the highest is 37.8 inches, the lowest is 27.5. The angle of the hand cushion can be adjusted 0-20°
  5. The inclination of the cushion can also be adjusted from 0-180°, which is designed for tattoo artists to find a comfortable working posture faster.
  6. Thickened metal pipe, not easy to deform, strong load-bearing capacity.
  7. Different tool trays and paper towel holders can be added to the metal iron frame, which is easy to disassemble, can be washed and cleaned directly, and is anti-rust.
  8. With four layers of ultra-thick and high-resilience sponge, the tattoo artist will not have buttock numbness after working for a long time.
  9. PVC leather is waterproof and dye seepage, anti-corrosion, dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

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