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Standard Configuration:

  • Hydraulic piercing client chair (black) - TA-TC-04 Pro
  • Ergonomic artist chair (black) - TA-AC-07
  • Tattoo armrest (black) - TA-AM-19

Hydraulic piercing client chair - TA-TC-04 Pro

  • Fully adjustable; this piercing client chair allows your clients to sit, straddle or lie in multiple positions. Leg rests can be adjusted and locked in place independently with extendable foot rests. We know you value your time so we ship this chair pre-assembled with only the headrest and armrests needing to be inserted into their respective holes.


Size: 166(L)*53(W)*60/78(H)cm / 65”(L)*21”(W)*24”/31”(H)

Seat size: 42(L)*53(W)cm / 17”(L)*21”(W)

Backrest size: 49(L)*53(W)cm / 19”(L)*21”(W)

Overall increase height: 60-78cm / 24”(L)*31”(W)

Leg Extension: 15cm / 6"

Heavy duty:
Capacity up to 440 LBS.
Supported by a 3.2mm thick tubular steel frame created with laser cutting & precision robot welding.


  • Comfort:
The soft but dense cushion is covered with commercial grade black PVC upholstery and has horizontal style accents.
The upholstery is waterproof, oil-proof, comfortable and easy to clean.
  • Practicality:
A simple configuration of the hydraulic foot control makes the operation of this chair more convenient. The adjustable foot/leg pads make the chair stand on a horizontal surface for tattoo work.
The die-casting handle and infinitely variable adjustment of the leg rests provide comfortable leg placements.
  • Design:
TatArtist uses plastic sleeves during part assembly for a tighter and more sturdy fit. This then results in the reduction of wear and any unpleasant noise during operation of the chair.
Also featured is a limited leg design to avoid friction between the cushions, which will reduce any damage to the leather and extend product life.
  • Adjustability:
  1. 360°rotation of the entire chair on the hydraulic pump
  2. Removable headrest with breather hole
  3. Hydraulic Pump Range: 24``-31''
  4. Recline angle: 0-90°
  5. leg rest angle: 0-80°
  6. Footrest extension: 0``-6''

    Tattoo Artist Chair - TA-AC-07

    • Parameter:
    1. Total height of chair: 91-134 cm
    2. Height of backrest 1: 18 cm
    3. Backrest 1 length: 40 cm
    4. Extension height of backrest 1: 18-32 cm
    5. Backrest 2 height: 27 cm
    6. Backrest 2 length: 49 cm
    7. The overall extension height of the backrest: 27-42 cm
    8. Chair lift height: 46-60 cm
    9. Chair bottom frame length: 64 cm
    10. Soft seat length: 50 cm
    11. Soft seat width: 45 cm
    12. Soft cushion angle adjustment: 3-6°
    13. Backrest angle adjustment: 85°-115°
    14. The maximum height of the backrest and headrest: 16cm (the headrest is removable)


    • Features:
    1. The chair headrest can be disassembled and the height can be extended. The tattoo artist can adjust the chair as needed.
    2. The inclination of the chair cushion can be adjusted to suit the tattoo artist's sitting habits. (Cushion adjustment 3-6°)
    3. The backrest can be adjusted back and forth (85-115°), and you can customize your own chair.
    4. Thicken 4 layers of high resilience sponge. The clients will not feel numb and comfortable after sitting for a long time.
    5. Waterproof and antifouling PVC leather, easy to take care of, and the leather wears a long time.
    6. SGS-certified lifting air pole is safe and guaranteed.
    7. Super quiet and super smooth PU pulley.
    8. 3 manually adjustable hand boards, easy to operate.
    1. The chair can support 300 pounds and can roll on a stable base with 5 wheels.
    2. The metal chassis is stable, will not shake, and has strong handling.
    3. Easy to install, it can be fully installed in 5 minutes with installation videos.


      XL Tattoo armrest - TA-AM-19

      • *Material: PU leather, iron
      • *Colour: Black
      • *Sponge support plate: 70 (L) * 32 (W) cm; 27.5 (L) * 12.6 (W) inches
      • *Adjustable height: 68-108cm; 26.8-43 inches
      • *Base size: 55 (L) * 35 (W) CM; 21.6 (L) * 13.8 (W) inches
      • *Weight: 12KG
      • *Extended and widened heavy-duty hand pad, equipped with a sturdy frame and thick 4-layer foam pad, safe and stable, suitable for customers of different body types.
      • *Tattoo bracket. The iron base weighs 12 kg and can provide stability for the tattoo holder. The base frame is stable and non-slip, fully supporting the arm and leg rest.
      • *Fully adjustable height (68-100 cm) to meet different needs.
      • *The armrest pad can be freely adjusted more than 180 degrees according to your needs.
      • *Super comfortable and soft. The tattoo armrest consists of an armrest pad and a sturdy structural frame. Soft and thick pillows provide the best comfort for the arms, legs and feet. You can freely adapt the work surface to the customer's skin to ensure customers' comfort.
      • *Simple assembly. It can be assembled in 3 minutes. The cushion is made of leather. The soft and thick padding makes the arms, legs and feet feel comfortable. The leather case is easy to clean and can be wiped with a towel.
      • *You can install brackets, paper towel rolls, airplane boxes (optional) on both sides of the iron frame.
      • *Very suitable for lifting hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, feet or legs. It is a must for tattoos.

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