Will removing tattoos leave scars?
Will removing tattoos leave scars?

You can tattoo as needed, but if you want to remove the tattoo, it is really difficult to leave no traces.
There are 3 situations that will leave scars after laser tattoo removal:
1. The depth of the tattoo.
If tattoos penetrate deeply into the skin, they will definitely be more difficult to remove and will leave scars.
2. The color of the tattoo dye.
Generally, black dye is the easiest color to clean. But if it is red, green or other colors, it cannot be completely washed with laser. Tattoos can only be removed by surgery.
3. The physique of the tattooed person.
If you usually have a small scratch and it takes a long time to repair the scar, or if it cannot heal for a long time, it proves that you have a scarred physique. Therefore, even after the tattoo is removed, scars will remain.

Another warm reminder:
After laser tattoo cleaning, you should pay attention to postoperative care and do not contaminate it with unfiltered water to avoid bacterial infection.
Try to eat less soy sauce and spicy food to prevent wound infection. Proper wound care can effectively reduce or avoid the formation of scars.

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