5 most effective tattoo color care knowledge.

Extension of tattoo coloring knowledge:


  • If the tattoo is too deep, it will also affect the effect of the tattoo, because too deep a tattoo will damage the skin.                                                        If it is too deep in the lower dermis, the color of the tattoo will be affected because the skin layer covered by the pigment is thicker and scars will also be produced. Due to the continuous renewal and shedding of the human body's epidermis, if the color only pierces the epidermis, when the skin is renewed, the color will fall off as the epidermis falls off.

  • If the color material used by the tattoo artist is not qualified, the color will fade. It is also important to choose high-quality color materials. The choice of pigment must be strictly checked. Do not use cheap and inferior materials. Poor color quality is harmful to the human body. The additives in the human body can cause rejection and allergic reactions to the human body, are very harmful to the human body, and can also make the tattoo fade.


  • Choose colors carefully: the brighter the color, the faster it will fade. Sunlight can easily fade yellow dye and stain the edges, so be careful when choosing a yellow tattoo. Darker tattoos have a clearer outline and can last longer, but without permanent tattoos, even black will fade to gray.


  • Don't be naked. Of course, not exposing is the best way. Sunlight is the biggest cause of fading tattoo ink.


  • Moisturize regularly. It will take about a month for the new tattoo to fully return to normal. During this period, proper maintenance can fix the color of the tattoo to the greatest extent.

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