Why does your tattoo fade?
Why does your tattoo fade within a year, but other people's tattoos have been maintained for several years?
Now, TATARTIST tattoo furniture master will summarize the reasons for the fading of the tattoo with you:

1. When doing a tattoo, the depth of the tattoo is not enough, and the pigment only penetrates the epidermis of the skin.
2. It looks good after the tattoo is finished, but after the tattoo is restored, the color will fade or the tattoo pattern will have no color.
3. In addition, the unqualified tattoo paint used by the tattoo artist causes fading.
4. The same part has been tattooed for many times, resulting in excessive trauma to the epidermis. This destroys the tissue under the epidermis and prevents the tattoo pigment and the tissue under the epidermis from fusing together.

The reason for this is not only the experience of the tattoo artist, but also the reason why the client ignores the tattoo:
5. Scratching the tattoo area during the tattoo recovery process will also cause the color to fall off

TATARTIST knowledge class of tattoo furniture:
Tattoos and tattoo furniture care are the same. You want your tattoo tools and tattoo chairs to last longer, so remember.
1. Don't let your leather tattoo chairs explode in the sun.
2. After each tattoo, be sure to clean and take care of it. Keep the leather dry.
3. Last but not least, be sure to buy good quality tattoo client chairs and tattoo hand rests.
Good quality is valuable for maintenance. If you buy a cheap and inferior product, you can't use it for more than 10 years even if you maintain it. The same goes for your tattoos, expensive products must have its value.

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