Tattoo designs rejected by the tattoo artist

Why do you want a tattoo?

Why would you choose this pattern among tens of thousands of tattoo designs?

What is the special meaning of your tattoo?

Will you regret it soon after getting a tattoo?

Recently, I have communicated with many tattoo artists. The tattoo artists shared many interesting stories of tattoo customers with us.

Most of the tattoo artists have encountered some customers who put forward some very special, even strange tattoo requests.

Now let’s take a look at which clients’ tattoo requests have been rejected by the tattoo artist.


01 Donuts:

"My wife is a tattoo artist. Yesterday, she told me that a colleague of hers was piercing a donut around someone's ass." — Dynegrey



02 Persuasive tattoo artist:


"A tattoo artist told me that he had a female client who wanted to tattoo on his neck, and it said'fuck bxxxh, your man chose me.' The tattoo artist said that he politely let the woman Finally agreed to get the tattoo: "He chose me". —cklamath




03 Thoughtful tattoo artist:


"My tattoo artist told me that this man wanted to engrave his girlfriend's name on his chest, as if he had written big letters on his chest. The tattoo artist refused because he discovered that the man had only dated his girlfriend for three months. And the font/design he wants is difficult to cover up." — urbanlulu


I am a tattoo artist. There is an 18-year-old girl who wanted to tattoo her male ticket name on her neck. I refused, and advised her to have a tattoo on her neck. It is very difficult to cover or remove. You are so young and beautiful. He is only in your life. Just a boyfriend.


Have the courage to refuse the needs of tattooed couples who have just dated. These tattoo artists are all angels. After all, love now comes fast and goes fast. Most of these tattooed couples who have no emotional foundation end up breaking up, or paying expensive laser removal fees.



04 Bat Cave:


"A middle-aged woman walked into the store and wanted to stab a bat cave in her dark area, and the bat flew out of the'hole'." –franklylivinglife



There are similar:

"I chatted with the tattoo artist when I was getting a tattoo, and asked him if he had any tattoos he didn't want to do. He said something like tattooing a man's xx into a purse." — texasspacejoey



People are easily impulsive, thinking that they can bear the consequences of all actions.


Tattooing is something that the bearer and tattooist need to complete together. When the tattoo artist faced the strange needs of the guests, he refused to get tattoos after considering his future career planning, life and social life, etc., and was yelled at by the guests for thanklessness. It was really broken.


Many of these tattoo artists who have refused experience have upheld professional ethics and kindness.


An experienced and well-designed tattoo artist can provide various knowledge that the customer does not understand, such as which ink looks bad on the skin, which pattern has a better visual effect on the body part, certain designs are destined to regret, etc. …


A good tattoo artist with development potential should correctly guide his customers away from bad tattoo choices, even if it means that he can't make money.


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