4 tips to reduce the risk of tattoo infection
Is the tattoo safe?
Can tattoos cause skin cancer?
Are tattoos easy to get infected?
What are the dangers of tattoos?
How can tattoos reduce the risk of infection?

Many people have these questions. To answer you honestly, tattoos are very risky! But there are many reasons for this. Both tattoo artists and clients are at risk of infection. For example, the tattoo artist is not professional, does not pay attention to hygiene, does not use sterile needles, does not use genuine ink, and does not meet the hygiene and safety standards. The client may be inappropriate in the care, or have hidden physical allergies, etc.

In order to reduce the risk of tattoo infection, consumers should:

1. Choose a tattoo shop approved/registered by the local jurisdiction
2. Require the use of special and regular tattoo ink
3. Make sure the tattoo artist follows proper hygiene
4. Pay attention to the skin changes after the tattoo. If skin problems occur, please seek medical attention immediately.

Let's take a look at the personal experiences and warnings of the majority of netizens:

  • Bat Sinatra
In my opinion, tattoo infection occurs from family tattooists who have not received professional and rigorous training and are not licensed. Without proper training for blood-borne pathogens, these family tattooists pose a greater threat to public health than licensed professionals.

Easy access to supplies through tattoo conventions and the Internet is the main cause of concern. Part of the problem is that the supplier sells without a license. A large number of ink manufacturers (mostly relatively new to the industry) hide behind proprietary formulas, so we no longer know the purpose of the ink, and tattoo artists mix their own inks or buy from reputable suppliers Several years have passed. Long-lived. Add in untrained pure laziness, who bought pre-diluted ink, so you have a big public health problem.

Support licensed tattoo artists and legal studios. Tattooing at home or parties is a dangerous proposition. This is not a hobby.

  • Jose Gomes Ruiz
The biggest problem is that they are not performed by dermatologists and do not have good and healthy aseptic conditions, and in some cases, tattoos are done with unsterilized needles. Doctors believe that tattoos can be serious and the consequences are very serious, but in Brazil, most young people have tattoos. The elderly have a lower incidence, but there are indeed 100 cases. Tie-dye can provide risk, but it cannot balance the risks well. It can cause skin dermatitis, eczema, and hepatitis B and C in the body. Where medical staff do not pay attention to the subject, the procedure is more aggressive. In Brazil, the incidence of body tattoos is high.

  • To sum up:
Unprofessional tattooists bring only harm to the public, so tattoo artists must face up to the chaos in the industry.

A professional tattoo artist, a regular and sanitary tattoo artist, a set of clean and sanitary tattoo furniture, a tattoo client chair that will be thoroughly disinfected after use, a tattoo tool cart, sterile tattoo needles, uncontaminated ink... ..
If every tattoo artist can do this, there will be no tragedy.

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