Tattoo myth-snake around the mermaid
The myth of the snake-wrapped mermaid tattoo

Every "bad boy" in the movie has a fierce tattoo on his body, but before the tattoo, they were just ordinary, timid and ordinary people. However, in order to protect themselves and their families, when "bad boys" are forced to compete with people who are fiercer than them, tattoos provide them with invisible power.
Therefore, many "bad guys" in movies have snakes, tigers, scorpions, etc.

Today we are not talking about movies, let us explore the mysterious ocean tattoo story-a snake wrapped mermaid tattoo.

In the depths of the vast sea, the mermaid is the daughter of the sea and the overlord of the sea. In the night of heavy rain and thunder and lightning, the ocean is no longer calm. A venomous silver-ringed sea snake from the West came to Mermaid Castle. The sea snake heard that there is a mysterious treasure in the castle. The owner who can own the treasure can rule the ocean, but the greed of the sea snake brought disaster to him. The castle was destroyed, the homeland was destroyed, beyond recognition. The mermaid was heartbroken. In the end, the mermaid was very sad, and finally she shed tears to influence and conquer the sea snake. The home is protected, and the sea snake is sealed by the tears of the mermaid.
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This ocean legend from the East has deeply affected the fishermen living on the sea. What they worry about most when they go out to make a living is the tsunami, the sea monster. Therefore, they always wrap snake and mermaid tattoos on their bodies, praying that they will be rewarded and safe when fishing. This legend has been profoundly influenced even in the modern era. In the diving circle, some divers are deeply affected and get this tattoo.
The snake-wrapped mermaid tattoo-a desire for peace and tranquility, but also has the meaning of conquering and commanding.
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Many people misunderstand whether a tattoo is a "bad boy" or a "bad guy", but in fact everyone has their own story.
Respect and equality are the foundation of this society. love and peace.
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