4 Super Funny Tattoo Jokes
4 Best Tattoo Jokes

  • Zebra and Cobra go shopping together.
On that road, the police conducted more than 10 ID checks on Zebra, but not once on Cobra.
Zebra was very angry and asked the police: "Why do I always check my ID and Cobra's ID?"
The police replied: "Your whole body is tattooed, so you don't look like a good person. You look at the big brother next to you, he wears glasses, he is an intellectual. You stand together, don't do this. "Don't check you. Who do you want to check? "

  • My good friend cried recently and complained to me: "I want to lose weight!"
I comforted me and asked: "What's wrong, does your boyfriend hate you for being obese?"
Good friend: "No, but he found my tattoo today."
I was confused and continued to ask: "Does he not like your tattoo?"
Good friend: "No, he is curious why I want to tattoo an electric fan!!!"
I was more curious and asked: "Then why do you want to tattoo an electric fan?"
A good friend cried even harder: "No, this is a four-leaf clover tattoo."

  • I open a beauty shop
One day, a strange man walked in and said, "I want to get a tattoo and embroider a pair of socks on my feet."
I asked curiously: "Why do you want to tattoo a pair of socks?"
The man said: "I don't have money to buy socks, and I don't want others to see that I don't wear socks...

  • Couple's daily
Wife: Husband, let's go get a tattoo together!
Husband: What does a tattoo look like? it hurts!
Wife: Just tattoo: "My wife, I will always love you, never change my heart, always treat you well, let you bully you until old, buy you delicious food, and accompany you to the Maldives to see Hai. If I change my mind, I will break my hands and feet and be buried in cow dung. I will never be happy!
Husband: What is your tattoo?
Wife: I want a tattoo: great!
Husband: Get out!

  • The skull tattoo on the back of the head is really domineering
Tatartist soul tattoo client chair
  • The famous singer Justin once got a Chinese character tattoo on his chest. The reason for wanting to get this tattoo is because he thinks it means "follow the heart". Do you know the meaning of the word "counsel" in Chinese?

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Tatartist soul tattoo client chairs

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