tatsoul tattoo workstations
The number of tattoo studios worldwide is increasing year by year,
Tattoo shops everywhere are by your side, and you know that thousands of people are in love with tattoos.
Are you troubled when choosing furniture for the tattoo shop?
In the highly homogeneous furniture market, how to choose the tattoo furniture and accessories that suit you?
I believe these problems bother every tattoo artist,
Now, I will explain to you the difference between tatartist's tattoo tool cart TA-WS-01 and TA-WS-03.

1. What is the difference in appearance between TA-WS-01 and TA-WS-03?
  • The countertop has a stainless steel baffle to prevent items on the countertop from falling.
  • The ink storage racks and supporting surfaces on both sides of the table are large.
  • There is a locker on the left side with more storage space.
  • There is a tattoo power cord storage hook on the back of the workbench.
  • The overall size is 95 * 46.5 * 92CM (length * width * height)

  • There is no baffle on the work surface, which can save material costs and reduce prices.
  • The ink storage racks and glove storage racks on both sides of the table are simple in style, making the overall design more fashionable and simple.
  • Tattoo workstations are mainly practical and cost-effective. Suitable for tattoo artists with a lower budget and who like simple.
  • The overall size is 80 * 35.5 * 75.5CM (L * W * H)

2. What is the functional difference between TA-WS-01 and TA-WS-03?
  • The functions are roughly the same, and the difference between the two models is mainly the size.
  • According to the actual needs of each tattoo artist, if your tattoo studio is relatively large, it is recommended to choose TA-WS-01, which is more suitable for your tattoo studio.
  • If you have just established a tattoo artist and the studio is small, it is recommended to choose TA-WS-03. This simple tattoo studio is economical and affordable, making it the best choice for a low budget.

tatartist tattoo workstations TA-WS-01

(TA-WS-01 Tatartist Tattoo Workstation GIF)

3. What is the difference between TA-WS-01 and TA-WS-03?

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