Which countries in the world do not allow tattoos?
  • Do you know which country in the world has the most tattoos?
Italy has the highest percentage of tattoos in the world, accounting for 48%
Followed by Sweden and the United States, accounting for 47% and 46% respectively

  • Americans and Swedes have the most tattoos, with an average of 4 tattoos per person.
Most of them are about 3. However, Greece has the least number of tattoos per capita, with 2.5 in the end.

Do you know which countries in the world prohibit tattoos?

  • Iran
According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Iranian government accused the hair and tattoos of the "hedgehog head" as "demon worship" and therefore violated Islamic law and must be banned. In Iran, both receiving and giving tattoos are illegal.
According to the report, more and more young Iranians wear "hedgehog heads" and tattoos because they believe it can show personality and disobedience.
Mustafa Gfayi, president of the Iranian Barbers Association, expressed support for the government's new law. He also warned that any barber shop that continues to repair the "hedgehog head" will be severely punished and its license will be revoked. According to reports, the Iranian Barbers Association accused the "unlicensed" barber shop as the culprit of the "hedgehog" hairstyle.

  • United Arab Emirates
People in the UAE have tattoos. Of course, you will not be subject to legal sanctions for tattoos in the UAE. However, the Fatwa issued by the Fatwa Center of the General Administration of Islam and Endowments prohibits such acts in Islam. Tattoo art is considered a form of self-harm. In addition, tattoo art is unacceptable in society and is not common among Emirati. In addition, people with tattoos are not allowed to join certain agencies, such as the military, police and certain Emirates. Therefore, removing tattoos is a prerequisite for joining these institutions.

  • North Korea
North Korea does not have strict laws on tattoos; however, they are subject to specific regulations and should have reasonable ideological elements. For example, a North Korean tattoo must praise the Kim family or the teacher of a certain state. Otherwise, the tattoo must have a political purpose, such as "defend the great leader to defend our death", "the national defense of the motherland", "we are the descendants of the general" and so on.

  • Japan
Last year, a government survey conducted by the country’s official tourism agency found that 56% of hotels and hostels did not allow tourists with tattoos to enter their public baths.
Only 31% of places allow tattoo bathers to enter, while 13% said that if the tattoo is hidden, they are allowed to enter. Traditionally, tattoos have been associated with yakuza organized crime gangs in Japan.

  • South Korea
Similarly, tattooing is not illegal in Korea, but the law stipulates that only licensed doctors can do tattoos. Therefore, more and more tattoo artists are easily sought after by local authorities.
"So, if you want to get a tattoo, should you go to the hospital?" Zhang Junhyuk, the owner of the tattoo in central Seoul, pointed out. "This is ridiculous." However, officials said the law is reasonable for health reasons, including the risk of hepatitis and HIV infection caused by improper cleaning of needles.

In fact, many countries do not allow public officials to have tattoos.
Fortunately, we have the freedom to tattoo.
Reminder: Tattoos that do not desecrate other religions are good tattoos.

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My husband is planning to work in dubai but he has a visible tattoo on his left arm, is that okay?

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