Which age is best for tattoos?
Which age is best for tattoos?
Have you ever thought about this problem?
Are tattoos exclusive to young people?
The answer is:
As long as you are over 18 years old, you have the courage to be responsible for yourself and cherish your life at the same time.
Then, you can get a tattoo whenever you want.
Tattoos should not be restricted by age.
For example, there is no suitable age for marriage, only suitable candidates.
At the ages of 20, 30, 40 and 50, you can get a tattoo and get married.
The most important thing in life is happiness. Do you remember?
Let's take a look at how netizens feel about tattoos of different ages

  • Netizen Lone Ranger
When I was 57 last year, I thought I couldn't wait any longer. I finally made up my mind to get a tattoo on my arm (two patterns). I am so happy that I realized my wish when I was young. Who says tattoos are the patent of young people? The old man gets tattoos.

  • Netizen Wim
I only started getting tattoos after I was 30 years old. I think it was because I was 30 years old that I really knew what I wanted.

  • Netizen Suki
If you are a minor, you can't get a tattoo? Speak quietly, I have five.
Our head teacher said that she understands but does not support it. I think this is enough.

  • Netizens
In the third month of eighteen years old and the second month of breaking up with my girlfriend, I chose to put "Striue" on my body, which secretly reminded me that I was about to take the entrance exam. I can't continue to be decadent, I must be responsible for my life.

  • Netizen X
When I got my first tattoo, did the tattoo artist ask me if I was an adult? I said no. When I was 16 years old, she didn't want to get tattoos on me. Then he said let me call my mother and asked, I said my mother would support it. Then there was silence for a few minutes, and he began to tattoo me. I had 4 tattoos that year, and now I am 17 years old and have 5 tattoos on my hands. At that time, I was worried about whether others would view me unfavorably. But I also like my tattoos. I think that since I got a tattoo, I shouldn't care how others think of me. The taste is different, and this model will continue in the future.
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