TatArtist Tattoo Studio Furniture Stock Is Sufficient

TatArtist professional tattoo studio furniture stock is sufficient

First of all, I apologize to everyone here.
Friends on our TatArtist official website know that many products on the website have been sold out in the first 2 months. As a result, many fans left a message saying that there was no inventory, and they wanted to buy a tattoo master chair.

Netizen A leaves a message:
At first I thought that TatArtist's products were plagiarism and the price was more expensive than a certain brand. Blaming the goods on social media is not a good thing. But after the last Black Friday event, he was pleasantly surprised after he bought a hydraulic guest tattoo bed TA-TC-04. The product structure is very strong and the bottom frame is very stable, and the leather is very comfortable and skin-friendly. Therefore, he placed an order for 3 hydraulic tattoo chairs on the second day of the TatArtist tattoo chair.

This is an order paid by the customer


March 17, 2021
TatArtist stock

  • Guest tattoo chair series

TA-TC-22 (applicable to multiple scenarios)
TA-TC-01 (Professional Basic Model)
TA-TC-04 (Hydraulic Standard Model)
TA-TC-06 (Electric advanced type)

  • Tattoo Master Chair Series

TA-AC-03 (Advanced Type)
TA-AC-07 (Advanced Model)

  • Tattoo multifunctional tool cart series

TA-TW-01 (Advanced version of tattoo tool station)
TA-TW-03 (Simple tattoo tool station)
TA-TW-15 (Multifunctional portable tool cart)
TA-TW-16 (portable ink tray for tattoos)

  • Tattoo hand rest series

TA-AM-19 (new heavy-duty hand rest)
TA-AM-20 (new lengthened and widened footrest)
TA-AM-10 (Regular size footrest)
TA-AM-11 (Regular size hand rest)

  • Tattoo Gun Series

TA-TG-01 (2021 new style tattoo gun)
Buy any tattoo furniture set now, and you can get a tattoo gun set with an additional 30U. (All interpretation rights belong to TatArtist, please contact the customer for details)


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