22 great tattoo positions (3)
22 great tattoo positions (3)

11. Outer arm
Girls with slender arms are very suitable for tattooing on the outside of the arm. Try to lose weight with beauty, tattoos.
Pain: moderate

12. Outside the elbow
It will arouse people's curiosity from the back, well-behaved and cute girls can choose this position. Remember not to make too complicated patterns, because too complicated content will conceal the goddess' temperament to a certain extent.
Pain: moderate

13. A circle of the forearm
Even if you are not wearing any jewelry, circular text will be very useful here.
Pain: mild

14. Finger circle
The effect of this kind of tattoo is comparable to the modern popular "ring". For girls with long fingers, this is a very personalized and beautiful choice.
Pain: moderate

15, neck
This is the most conspicuous part of the tattoo. Some soft lines and retro patterns are more suitable.
Pain: severe

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