22 great positions for girls with tattoos (2)

There are 22 great positions for girls with tattoos, and 5 of them have been mentioned last time.

Now continue to talk about the other five.


  1. Ribs

The rib is a relatively private tattoo position, which will be very eye-catching when you go to the beach in summer to wear a bikini. Of course, the premise is that you need to have a good figure.

Pain: severe


  1. Tiger mouth and inside of fingers

Many girls will place the tattoo on the tiger’s mouth, because this position is very smart and the lines can be connected together to form the original pattern, so you might as well choose some lace line tattoos. And not many people have tattoos in this position. If you want to be different, I suggest you give it a try. If you find it inadvertently, you will have an unexpected impression.

Pain: mild


  1. Behind the ears

If you want to wear a tall ponytail, a small tattoo behind the ear would be great. There is a "secret" hidden behind the ears, and when a boy sees them, they may attract you deeply. Girls must remember to spray perfume behind their ears when dating! !

Pain: poisoning


  1. Inside the wrist

Simple geometric figures or barcodes are most suitable here. They have a cool and tidy feeling, but for gentle girls, the simpler the pattern, the more prominent the temperament.

Pain: mild


  1. Waist side

This pose is very sexy when you accidentally show up while wearing low-rise pants or bikinis.

Pain: severe


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