22 great places to share tattoos for girls (1)

22 great places to share tattoos for girls
1. Outer wrist
Handwritten or printed English characters are very suitable for tattooing on the outside of the forearm.
With metal or pearl accessories, it is very suitable for temperament girls.
Pain: mild

2. Thigh
You can choose to pierce a letter circle on your thigh, or pierce lace patterns, patterns, or even abstract totems. The effect will be very good, and it is a little sexy in playfulness.
Pain: moderate

3. Ridge
Due to the particularity of the position of the spine, the tattoo is in this mysterious place, sexy and not obvious. But tattooing at this position will be more painful.
Pain: severe

4. Ankle
Many girls choose to embroider tattoos on their ankles, and the pattern around the circle may become an anklet-like decoration. Common tattoo designs include feathers, musical notation and English.
Pain: moderate

5. Upper clavicle
If the upper body is thinner and the collarbone is more prominent, then the collarbone is the best place to get a tattoo.
The pattern of single or dense stars and circles will be very beautiful. Simple English, the new moon, the sun, or something you believe is also meaningful.
Pain: severe

Due to time constraints, I will share 5 of them today.
Tomorrow, I will continue to share with you 10 other people. Remember to subscribe to the blog of TATARTIST tattoo furniture master!
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tattoo designs for girls

tattoo designs for girls

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