Hear My Tattoo Stories And Accidents

The sexiest tattoos with stories and accidents.

Life is not always smooth sailing, but life is full of hope.
A small tattoo holds the power to propel you forward.
Come hear my tattoo story and my accident.


I was brought up by my grandmother and lived in a single-parent family. Mom also gambles money every day and doesn't go home. For as long as I can remember, whether in friendship or love, I have always been alone, very insecure and possessive. Along the way, I also realized that no one stays with whom forever. One day, I suddenly realized that no matter what, the sun and the moon always go together, so I did not hesitate to get a tattoo on my chest. When I rose, you were still there.


Tibetan: love and freedom. For a while, I wanted to get a tattoo, but I never thought about getting a tattoo, until one day I saw a story on INS, a boy told the story of his mother, freely pursued what he liked, and never ignored his own feelings. his relatives. connect. This is the life I seek and want. I see love and freedom as my beliefs. I have always felt that Tibet is a particularly sacred place, so I tattooed my beliefs on my shoulders in Tibetan. Hope not to forget the original intention in the future. Don't get lost in the direction of life with money and power, don't ignore the people around me and those who love me.


Last year, I got two cats tattooed on the outside of my left calf, an 8-year-old Garfield and a 168-day-old Scottish Fold. Dumpling is still by his side, and Xiaozhu has returned to Meow Star. This may be the only way to keep them with me forever.


The story is very simple, I want to leave myself something that can accompany me to death, that's all. So, after 26 hours it was done.


This tattoo is because of a type of electronic music called "lean on". There's a lyric in there, "Blow a kiss, fire a gun, all we need is someone to lean on," so I got this pistol tattooed. The three bullets represent love, family and friendship. This is what I value the most.


On one side of the breast, is my second tattoo. Reforget's first lyric "Did't wanna be a ghost." Means not wanting to be a soulless shell.

I think this tattoo artist's English must not be very good. When I got the tattoo, I noticed that the letter n was missing, but that's okay. I don't think it's a string of tattoos in English without an n, it's just a constant reminder not to be a soulless person.



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