How hard is a single needle tattoo?
Only 6 people in the world are good at single needle tattoo, how difficult is it?

What is a single needle?
3 small needles in a row can draw lines three times wider at a time, tied into a ball to draw lines three times thicker, but if you can achieve the same effect with one needle, you need to put the same Parts are painted three times over and over again.

What are needles for tattoos?
The needles used for tattoos are: single needle, three needles, round needles, single row needles, double row needles, and row needles with more than three rows. Commonly used tattoo needles have a diameter between 0.25mm and 0.4mm. The thickness of a single needle varies greatly, and the density of the tattoo also varies with the thickness, giving people a different feeling. Single needles are usually used for secant lines and fine graphics.
Every tattoo artist will use a single needle, but not many tattooists insist on a single needle for the entire pattern because:
"Single-needle tattoo" is characterized by a single needle of one size, and the lines are extremely thin, as if the illusion of drawing on the skin with a pen, which is the ultimate test of precision. The balance between the tattoo artist and the inch .
Large patches of color are not suitable for single-needle penetration due to the small amount of pigment pierced into the skin. Inexperienced tattooists can easily make the infiltration pigment not thick enough and the color dizzy.
And when an experienced single-needle tattoo artist comes in to create the work, he can create more detail than a normal tattoo. Because the original job of single-needle tattoos is to make tattoos more delicate, when others use more advanced round needles and row needles to do tattoos, it can make shadows and lines easier. Single-needle tattoo artists stubbornly only use single needles , take more time to complete a piece, the purpose is for richer details.
Because of the small contact area, like drawing on the skin with a fine brush, single-needle tattoos are most suitable for small-pattern, braille-style tattoo creation. We see a lot of tattoos on our fingers and most are done with a single stitch.
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