Fingertip manicures and tattoos are a better match

Fingertip manicures and tattoos are a better match

Fashion does not cycle.
As a tattoo lover, you can't ignore the fashion item - tattoo nails.

The triangle is the darling of the majority of girls! You can have many styles, but the triangle has to stay on your finger 80% of the time, why? Because it's the most fashionable!


Is the simple model beautiful? A few common patterns are simple, generous and chic, and of course they are favored by fashion icon!

Four-leaf clover, stars, maple leaves, peach hearts, etc., super cute and sweet, plus your own creativity to create your own unique style!


The most trendy geometric figures, no one! Different shapes are full of fingers to meet the various alternatives pursued by big coffee! ! ! Once you are used to the simple style, remember to change it occasionally!


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