Take the skin as a painting, at the cost of a lifetime

Tattoos are discriminated against, and even tattooists are discriminated against. So tattoos have no value? What is it good for? How many grievances tattoo artists have received in the society, everyone is welcome to leave a message together.

First, tattoos help us express our individuality. People with tattoos are always the first to be noticed in a crowd. They can show off our unique personalities. Whether it is the old tradition or the new style, whether it is black and gray lines or heavy colors, you can always find your own uniqueness.

Second, your personality may be hidden in your tattoo. It belongs only to you, not to anyone.

Third, tattoos can help us differentiate our friends. Almost all young people have their own circles, tattoo circles, fitness circles, skateboarding circles, rap circles, your pattern is cool enough, your figure is good enough, your movements are handsome enough, your dress is avant-garde enough, you can be sure To make like-minded friends. Sometimes the idea of ​​a tattoo is how we differentiate our friends. Most people with tattoos like to play with the same people. If you despise tattoos, I despise you; if you like tattoos, we will be brothers in the future.

Likewise, tattoos can inspire us to be a better version of ourselves. I've seen so many people with idols tattooed on their bodies, and every time I see them, it inspires us to keep going beyond ourselves and become more courageous and fearless. Some friends will tattoo famous sayings and epigrams on their bodies, always urging themselves to cherish the moment and enjoy the moment. This is the precious wealth that tattoos bring to us.

Finally, tattoos will bring us beauty. A good tattoo must first be beautiful. Maybe everyone's understanding of beauty is different. This not only tests the aesthetics of the tattoo artist, but also your own. The more tattoos we get, the more we realize how shocking it is to see a beautiful tattoo.


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