Such A Great Tattoo Bed, I Must Tell You.

TATARTIST's tattoo beds are fantastic and very popular.
There is only one reason: the quality is too good.
Good quality is the reason why you choose me.

Reasons for good quality 1.
All materials are provided by suppliers who have cooperated for many years, and the quality of materials, metal and leather is guaranteed from the source, so the tattoo furniture manufactured will not be bad.

Reason for good quality 2.
The design of the TATARTIST is based on ergonomics so that normal operation will not cause any damage to the chair. Moreover, both the guest and the tattoo artist will feel comfortable in the process of using it.

3. Reasons for good quality.
Products are rigorously tested and inspected when they are packaged. Make sure that every product is perfect in the customer's hands.


The TATARTIST Hydraulic Tattoo Guest Chair TA-TC-04 Pro is one of the most preferred tools for tattoo studios in the United States.


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