Why am I obsessed with tattoos?

Why am I obsessed with tattoos? TATARTIST TATTOO CLIENT CHAIR

You've probably heard the term "tattoo addiction" more than once. But smoking addiction, alcohol addiction, and even Coke addiction are easier to understand. Would anyone be addicted to such painful tattoos? What is it like to be addicted to tattoos?

First, we need to understand what an "addiction" is.

Addictive behaviors are additional and extraordinary hobbies and habits formed by stimulating the central nervous system to induce excitement or pleasure.

For most lovers, a tattoo should be both love and fear. I enjoy the coolness of tattoos, but no matter which part, there will be more or less pain, especially the thin skin and tender meat. Needless to say, it is sour.

It can't be said that tattoo lovers are all masochists, right? Come to think of it, a tattoo that is willing to spend a lot of money, time and thought, a masochist wouldn't be happy to do something so tedious.

Therefore, tattoos are addictive, which is caused by the opposite factors. Rather than obsessing over tattoos, tattoo lovers are more obsessed with "pursuing their true self."

I don't know if you have observed it carefully. Generally, people with tattoos will not have only one tattoo. Even if it doesn't show, there may be other tattoos in places you can't see.

According to the survey, 80% of people will have a second tattoo after the first tattoo, and the area will become larger and the color will be more diverse.

This is mainly because we experience "the thrill of conquering the fear of the unknown". Almost everyone fantasizes about this pain before getting their first tattoo: it should be painful, but how painful is it? not sure.

When I got my first tattoo, I knew the pain and the joy of getting a tattoo, so I started looking forward to the next one.

So what's it like to be obsessed with tattoos?

According to US statistics, 32% of the 45 million US citizens believe that tattoos are addictive.

The reason is simple: the pain of getting a tattoo is to be enjoyed.

The theoretical explanation for this pain phenomenon is even more surprising, because the pain of tattoos can make people experience the psychological suggestion effect of pleasurable stimuli.

The experience of tattoo addiction comes from a lot of answers, relies on mental expressions, opinions from physiological feedback.

You choose tattoos because you really like them. If you really like them, don't question yourself. No matter how many big things I say, I'm more than happy to say them.

Tattoos are non-toxic but dependable, making your aesthetic sharper. If tattoo addiction is a disease, please make me mortally ill.

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