How should a tattoo studio operate - 1
How should a tattoo studio operate?

Each tattoo studio should be unique, and tattoo artists of different styles will have different architectural layouts.
Despite the differences in style and design, there are still some industry standards for the operation of tattoo studios.
If you are a novice and are planning to open a tattoo studio, you can refer to the following suggestions.

Entering the waiting area: Every customer who walks into the store will stay in the waiting area for a period of time. At this time, your studio needs to leave a deep impression and confidence on the guests. How do customers agree with your technology and charges? Maybe it’s the design flash on the wall, or
The tattoo artist processes the photos and tattoo drawings for the client. The tattoo artist’s design albums are neatly arranged on the display stand. This "​​great work" may give guests the inspiration for tattoos and the desire for consumption. From the perspective of consumer behavior, these fascinating works stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Therefore, please allow more time in the waiting area. You can get unexpected gains.

Storage area: The storage room is located at the back of the store. Here, as an artist, you can easily get additional ink and paint, unopened needles, tattoo machine parts, cleaning supplies, etc. Please remember to store neatly and pay attention to fire safety. This space can also be used as a workspace for artists to mix ink or combine soldering pins.

Restroom: Tattooing is a very long process, and you and your guests need to use it as a restroom halfway through. Giving customers a comfortable resting environment will help alleviate their worries.

In the next article, I will focus on important aspects of the layout and design of the tattoo area.
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