Great invention-TatArtist New Tattoo Workstation

Exclusive to the United States, the world's first tattoo mobile tool cart with a trash can


  • Product Size:
Height: 57-92cm, 23-37 inches
Base frame diameter: 43cm, 17 inches
Tray: 45(L)*30(W)*5(H)cm, 18(L)*12(W)*2(H)

  • Product appearance/function upgrade breakdown:
1.Tattoo mobile tool station, lighter body and stronger storage space.
2. The world's first appearance design, exclusive in the United States.
3. The tattoo support has a trash can, a tissue holder and a shelf. One tool station, three additional functions.
4. The S.S 430 anticorrosive tray can be used to place tattoo dyes, and the three holes can be used to place other tattoo aids. E.g. Tattoo gun
5. The foldable trash can is convenient to store, reducing the loss during transportation.
6. The knife table can be adjusted up and down, and the tray direction can be rotated 360°.

  • Why do you want to recommend this product to you?
1. This is a brand new product with the latest tattoo furniture. Is already your biggest reason to buy.
2. The price is not expensive, only 139U is needed. The focus is on 1 US free shipping. It will not increase your burden at all.
3. With complete functions, you can have a full-featured tattoo tool cart without taking up space.
It is a great invention of mankind.
4. Now there are only 7 pieces left in stock.

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