The most popular team tattoos for the European Cup 2021

The 16th European Cup is about to open. Please bookmark the game schedule

1. What is the most anticipated in this European Cup?

At present, the various national teams are ready to go: Portugal is moving forward to defend the title, the French are eager to win the crown, Germany has gone through a trough and is eager to prove itself again, Spain is renewed and wants to regain its gorgeousness, Italy's tactical changes, subvert traditional imagination, and the Netherlands wants to rise again. The gloomy trough, the gorgeous lineup in England, the golden generation of Belgium waiting for the opportunity...

2. The stars gather, who is the most dazzling one?

This year’s European Cup includes Ronaldo, Pogba, Kane, Chiellini, Lukaku, Sterling, Lewandowski and other superstars, as well as Mbappe and Sancho who made their debut on the stage of the European Cup. , De Jong, Felix, Haverts, Foden, Delicht, Pedri and other super rookies. There are even Mueller, Hummels and Benzema who were excluded from the national team. However, it is regrettable that due to their own injuries or competitive reasons, there are no new and old stars such as Harland, Ibrahimovic, Ramos, Van Dijk, and Royce on the list.
Which star are you most looking forward to?

3. Are you ready to support the team's tattoo?
Tattoo stickers are very convenient, easy to stick, easy to tear, very suitable for use in football matches and concerts.


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