TA-AC-04 TatArtist Hydraulic Tattoo Chair Introduction Of Best-selling Products

No more purchases, it will be out of stock soon-Hydraulic Tattoo Chair
TatArtist TA-TC-04 hydraulic tattoo chair is a mature product.
He has a sales history of 5 years. 5 years ago, he may have been a defective product, but after time has passed, TA-TC-04 is a classic among tattoo guest chairs. Perfect work.

It is the look-up of the majority and the collection of the minority.
Many people agree that this product is good, but they may not buy it. There may be many reasons for not buying, but buying
The TatArtist TA-TC-04 professional hydraulic tattoo guest chair has a common reason: an attitude, a pattern, and a responsibility to the customer.

Why do I say this?
1. Choosing a high-end comfortable tattoo furniture shows a professional attitude, serious and well-organized work! Although I spent 879 dollars on a piece of expensive furniture in the early stage, my client enjoyed the tattoo process very much and was very comfortable. My spending of 879 dollars is very valuable.
High-end furniture can help me increase my tattoo service fee.
This is the pattern.

2. Customers can tattoo on an ordinary home sofa without any problem.
Customers can tattoo on a wooden board without any problem.
Clients can tattoo on a plastic stool without any problem and will not hinder the operation of the tattoo artist. But you seriously neglect the customer experience.

Product advantages:
1. Hydraulic adjustment, can be used as a seat or a bed. The backrest can be placed completely flat.
2. The tattoo chair can sit on the front or the back. In the middle of the backrest is a concave design, so guests can get tattoos on their stomachs. (Tattoo area: back)
3. Split-leg seat with higher adjustability and ever-changing shape.

(A must-have tool for tattoos-led lighting. Can be moved and detachable. Convenience)

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