How should a tattoo studio operate - 2
Tattoo area
This is where you tattoo your clients. To ensure that you and your customers feel comfortable in this space, you need to do a few things:

1. Customer chair: The tattoo chair is generally adjustable (Electric Tattoo Guest Chair/Hydraulic Adjustable Guest Chair), so a comfortable position can relieve the anxiety of customers due to long waiting. At the same time, make sure you have enough space for activities in the tattoo area. You also need a tattoo work desk, which can be a professional workstation with storage or a portable work tray. All this depends on the size of your tattoo area. But you must consider that you have enough space for the tattoo guest chair to unfold.

2. Artist chair: The chair you choose to work on is up to you. Some artists like removable/detachable armrests and adjustable backrests. Usually, a rolling chair or stool is a good choice because you need to readjust around the client. The ability to raise or lower the seat is also a valuable feature. (Tatartist has a variety of artist chairs for you to choose from. To learn more, click here. TA-AC-03 | TA-AC-05 | TA-AC-07)

3. Sink: Keeping clean is the key. You will have a sink nearby to wash your hands and rinse equipment.

4. Privacy: The tattoo area will be private or semi-private. Your client usually needs to partially take off his clothes (i.e. take off his pants and tattoo his thighs, pull down his shirt to reveal his collarbone or breasts, etc.). The tattoo area may be separated by curtains or doorways. Whether to allow friends to enter this area depends on you and your customers.

5. Your machine: The tattoo area is where your machine is located, as well as all your components, power supplies, etc. (Recommend TatArtist's professional tattoo tool station. The cabinet has a plug power supply and can also contain a power cord. TA-WS-01)

6. Cabinets and drawers: You will find storage space throughout the store. The tattooing process requires many parts, cleaning agents and materials. You and your artist partner will need an organized system so that you can confidently find what you need and start working. (It is recommended to have a rolling tool cart. It is easy to store and can be used with one pull. (TA-WS-03)

Although chairs and sinks are standard in the tattoo area, you can also bring other materials:

1. Wheeled cart: During the tattoo process, you may have one or two carts to help you. You will want the tray to be removable for easy cleaning. (TA-WS-16C tray can be disassembled, does not occupy space, and can be moved. It is convenient and cost-effective, and it is loved by tattoo artists.)

2. Organization: Save yourself time and frustration through a fixed organization method. Gloves, ink, hats, machines, spray bottles, paper towels, etc. should all have their own designated areas.

3. Trash can: You will bring a lot of tissues when tattooing. The nearby trash can (preferably medical waste) is important to keep the space clean.

4. Sharps container: After grouping the needles, you will want to be able to easily discard them in a suitable sharps container.

5. Container to be disinfected: This container is used to store needles and other items that need to be cleaned and disinfected. Before sending each item back to the tattoo area for use by the next client, be sure to clean each item.

6. Tattoo hand rest and foot rest. This is an essential product for tattoos. Each guest has a different tattoo. In order to have a working condition, tattoo hand rests and foot rests are the most important good helpers. Also consider the body types of different customers. You may need to prepare an enlarged tattoo foot rest. Here I recommend a rotatable tattoo foot rest for everyone. TA-AM-19 (software can rotate) | TA-AM-20 (height tilt and software rotation)

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