Canadian Inventory Warehouse-Tattoo Furniture Officially Launched.
TatArtist is an American tattoo furniture brand.
Our main sales channel is online sales.
Because the customer response to TatArtist tattoo furniture is very good, many Canadian customers are asking when it will be sold in Canada.
Today we have good news.
TatArtist has added a new shipping point in Toronto, Canada.
Customers with a delivery address in Ontario are eligible for free shipping.
The products currently stocked in the Toronto warehouse in Canada are as follows:
  • TatArtist 2 kinds of tattoo hydraulic guest chair


Product advantages:
1. High-quality
2.4-layer sponge design, comfortable for customers to sit for a long time.
3. Multi-angle and multi-directional adjustment, can be used as a chair or bed.
4. Height adjustable
5. Backrest adjustable.
Product advantages:
1. The seat size is larger.
2. The advantages of TA-TC-01 are available.
Product advantages:
1. Silent casters
2. Lifting adjustment
3. Backrest can be adjusted in height.
4. Backrest armrests can be used as hand rests for tattoo artists.
Product advantages:
1. Enlarge, widen, and lengthen, suitable for any person/occasion, suitable for body type.
2. The software can be rotated to different angles, which is convenient for tattoo artists to work.
3. Tattoo foot rest/hand rest can be used
Product advantages:
1.portable, light and easy to carry. Applicable scene: tattoo hand rest.
Product advantages:
1.portable, light and easy to carry. Applicable scene: tattoo foot rest.
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