How many tattoo pens does a tattoo artist need?

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1. As an amateur tattoo artist, what tattoo equipment do I need?
To be officially promoted to a tattoo artist, you need a tattoo machine, a power supply, and other supplies, such as needles, grips, nibs, tubes, ink, and fake leather for practice.

You can purchase most of the tattoo tools by yourself without a business license. However, most well-known dealers will require you to show some evidence that you are a licensed or amateur tattooist before they sell you a tattoo machine.

2. Should novices buy cheap tattoo guns or expensive tattoo guns?
For novices, it is difficult to understand why the price of tattoo machines has changed so much.

However, like most technical products, the huge price difference can usually be boiled down to: a better experience on expensive machines, higher quality parts and more perfect details.

Although cheap machines may be enough to start (especially for your amateur tattoo artist), you will soon find that cheap machines cannot meet your needs and hope to eliminate them. Soon, you will need a more detailed machine to ensure higher accuracy and an overall enhanced tattoo experience.

3. How many tattoo pens should a tattoo artist own?
A professional tattoo artist should be equipped with at least two tattoo pen machines.
For tattoo artists, relying on a machine for a long time is relatively dangerous.
In addition to the machine, more than two auxiliary tools should be prepared for the tattoo artist.
For example: gloves, pillows, pipes, etc.
Tattoo tools must be kept hygienic and clean. If the same set of tools is used for a long time without proper cleaning and disinfection, the risk of contamination of the tools will increase. This may increase the chance of bacterial growth and tattoo infection.
Therefore, the tattoo tools should be disinfected and replaced frequently.


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