Angelina's Sak Yant tattoo 3 meanings

Dissecting the Sak Yant tattoo on Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie has more and more tattoos on her body. Recently, I often see pictures of her beautiful back on the Internet.

Julie's Thai tattoo really caught my attention. After research, the Thai tattoo is called "Sak Yant".


The source of Sak Yant

Sak means "tattoo" in Thai.

Yant is the Thai pronunciation of yantra, and yansk is Sanskrit, meaning sacred ancient mysterious geometric patterns.

Sak Yant is also known as: Thai traditional tattoo or bamboo tattoo.



What does Angelina's Sak Yant mean?

1.Hah Teaw-Five Elements

Before Angelina did Thai tattoos, Hah Teaw Sak Yant's design was one of the most popular tattoo styles.

Because it not only has important spiritual significance, but each vertical line is related to your different fortunes.


The first line: prevent you from being unfairly punished and treated It is said to protect your body.

The second line: to help you reverse and prevent bad luck when the horoscope is bad.

The third line: protect you from black magic. Its function is to prevent bad guys from imposing a curse on you.

The fourth line: Bring you good luck, give you strong confidence, and contribute to your wealth and success.

Fifth row: This is the booster for the fourth row, but it is mainly used to increase your personal charm and attractiveness.


2.Yant Kraw Petch-Diamond armor

If you are a diamond lover, then you will love sak yant tattoos, which will definitely make you special.

Yant Kraw Petch is another very complex design that shows the powerful virtues of the Buddha.

If you get this tattoo, you will get help in the following ways:




*Career success

*It also helps to get rid of misfortunes and failures in life.


  1. Yant Phutson-Yant of Five Gods


Such tattoos are said to inspire people's true belief in the virtues they represent. Throughout history, it has been a popular amulet for the Thai people and is considered a "master amulet" with multiple meanings.

It shows the body of the wearer and shows great compassion for oneself and others.

Merit is extremely important to Thais.

By accumulating a lot of wealth physically and mentally, these behaviors are reflected in the design.

Tattoos also bring good luck and progress in life to the wearer.



Thai tattoos are very mysterious and powerful, which is admirable.
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