Tattoo Master Chair Style Presentation
The biggest wish of a tattoo artist should be to sit comfortably.
The following chairs are all specially designed by TATARTIST for tattoo artists.
  1. The backrest can be adjusted.
  2. The backrest can be used as a hand rest.
  3. Hydraulic lifting and adjusting height
  4. With silent pulleys, it will not hurt the floor, quiet and no noise.
  5. The height of the seat, the inclination of the seat, and the size of the soft seat are all designed according to ergonomics.


  • 9934-Simple backrest master chair, used in beauty, tattoo and office.
  • 9920-There is no backrest, and the seat rotates 360° without obstruction.
  • TA-AC-03-A tattoo chair that is very popular among tattoo artists, with adjustable backrest tilt. The tilt of the seat is also possible.
  • TA-AC-07-The backrest can support the entire back and fit the entire backrest. Comfortable.
  • TA-AC-05-The backrest can be converted into a hand rest to support the hands of the tattoo artist at work.

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