TATARTIST- Tattoo Client Seats Can Be Adjusted

With versatility, our tattoo client seats can be adjusted in height, seat and leg angles.
These different adjustment functions can reduce the immutability that may be caused by a few hours of tattoos, while providing a better user experience and usage experience. Customers can lie on their heads or lie on their stomachs are very comfortable, the choice is 4 layers of thick sponge. strong elasticity, comfortable leather.


  • Size: 174/189(L)*80(W)*60/78(H)cm/68.50``/74.41''*31.50''*23.62``-30.71''
  • Attributes: black color, pillow
  • 3.2mm thick metal plate and tube frame with laser cutting and robot welding, high precision and best welding, ensure the heavy duty up to 200KG

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