TatArtist XXL Tattoo Armrest VS Cheap Tattoo Stand
TatArtist XXL Tattoo Armrest VS Cheap Tattoo Stand

Advantages of XXL size tattoo armrest:
1. Improve the comfort of the guests and your sense of experience, and no longer have to worry about the armrest of the tattoo being too light, causing shaking during work.
2. It can improve your spine health. Ordinary armrests are relatively short. When working with ordinary tattoo armrests, the tattoo artist needs to grievance his lumbar spine. Over time, the body will become stiff and painful.
3. The product is stronger and bears greater weight. Many men like tattoos. A small tattoo armrest cannot bear the weight of a big man well. Buying an XXL code can solve your troubles.
4. It can meet your different tilt angles.
Human limbs and body are round and curved. The soft case can be rotated to different inclination, so that it will be more convenient when tattooing. If you have used handrails that cannot be rotated, you will realize that this kind of work is simply inconvenient.

The US warehouse is out of stock.
Now there are only 3 items in the Canadian warehouse...

And now even the TA-TC-04 hydraulic tattoo guest chair from the Canadian warehouse is sold out.
If your tattoo shop opens in the near future, remember to buy tattoo furniture in advance.
Due to the epidemic, production and transportation have encountered large and small restrictions.
Please forgive me for any inconvenience.

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