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Secretly tell you~
Electric tattoo guest chairs TA-TC-06 are in stock! !

Customers who want to buy an electric tattoo guest chair can click to enter this link to buy. 


It is especially recommended to purchase with the master chair and other accessories, which is the most affordable and cost-effective.


TA-TC-06 Advantages of electric tattoo chair:

  • 1. The retractable headrest has a detachable pillow that can expose the face-very suitable for back work. The extendable headrest and reclining back/seat allow you to customize the device to all your needs.
  • 2. Silent movement: When this bed is adjusted according to your requirements, there is no loud buzzing or starting sound. Quiet operation.
  • 3. Independent electric control for all chair settings: raising or lowering the backrest and adjusting the height of the chair. [Sturdy electric base] The electric structure is very sturdy and it runs quietly.
  • 4. High-density comfortable foam pad: 10.16 cm thick high-density foam brings ultimate comfort.
  • 5. The armrest can be disassembled. The headrest can be extended. The legs can be adjusted to different angles and heights.Very suitable for tattoo use.

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