TatArtist Tattoo Hand Rest/ Stand Series Introduction
TatArtist tattoo hand rest series introduction
Tattoo hand rest is a very common auxiliary tool in tattoo studios.
However, the tattoo hand rest you have may not be the best for you.
Today I will introduce to you the tatartist 2 series of tattoo hand rests.
  • First of all, the strongest tattoo hand rests TA-AM-19 and TA-AM-20, unprecedented in history.
The XXL Tattoo Holder can be used as a hand rest and foot rest.
1. Why is it the strongest?
Answer: Compared with the old hand rest, its software size is larger, 70*32cm (12.6-27.6 inches)
The large size means that customers can easily support weight regardless of their size. And it will not shake, after all, it is a thick metal material.
The second strength:
The soft bag of TA-AM-19 can adjust the inclination. 0-180°rotation.
What problem can this feature help you solve?
Answer: Because the lubrication of various parts of the human body is uneven.
When tattooing, you need to adapt to different angles and parts. The soft case can be rotated, which is more convenient to use. Ability to change is the most admirable place, the most valuable highlight.
The third highlight:
The height of the support rod of TA-AM-20 can be adjusted. The support rods on both sides can be adjusted to different heights. Form a highly inclined handrail. Lifting height 68-108cm; 26.8-42.6 inches.
These portable and foldable armrests are suitable for on-site tattoos or start-up tattoo studios and tattoo artists. Small costs and big benefits.
When starting a business, survival is more important. Don't buy some luxurious commercial tattoo furniture blindly. Starting from one's own financial ability is the best choice.
Please believe that as long as I have a dream, I can definitely have more complete equipment.

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