4-PCS Set Of Basic Furniture For Tattoo Studio
4-piece set of basic furniture for tattoo studio
In the past, entry-level suits were three-piece suits.
This time, in order for the tattoo artist to be in place in one step, there is no worries about the future.
TatArtist has prepared the most comprehensive set of 4 tattoos.
The tattoo artist can save time and worry.
Upgraded version of basic tattoo furniture 4-piece set
1.Tattoo client chair TA-TC-04
  • Multi-function adjustment makes your work smoother, seat height (manual): 60-78cm / 23.62``-30.71'', backrest angle (manual): 0-80°;
  • Full chair rotation (manual): 0-360 °, side armrest rotation (manual): 0-360°;
  • Calf support extension (manual) 0-15cm / 0''-5.91''; 360° manual rotation armrest, detachable pillow, headrest, armrest.
2. Tattoo master chair TA-AC-07
  • The chair headrest is detachable and the height can be lengthened.
  • The inclination of the chair cushion can be adjusted according to the sitting posture of the tattoo artist. (Cushion adjustment 3-6°)
  • The backrest can be adjusted back and forth (85-115°), and you can customize your own chair.
  • Thicken 4 layers of high resilience sponge. Customers will not feel numb and comfortable after sitting for a long time.
  • Waterproof and stain-proof PVC leather, easy to care for, durable leather.
  • SGS-certified lifting gas mast is safe and guaranteed.
  • Ultra-quiet and ultra-smooth PU pulley.
  • 3 manually adjustable hand plates, easy to operate.
  • The chair can support 300 pounds
  • The metal chassis is stable, won't shake, and has strong handling.
  • The installation is simple, and the installation can be completed in 5 minutes.
3. Tattoo tool cart TA-WS-15
  • Portable and foldable, occupying a small space, easy to store or transport.
  • Sturdy five-pointed star mobile frame base.
  • The appearance is novel and beautiful, the disassembly and assembly design, and the structure is firm. Each sub-bracket has a set of screws
  • Independent paint positioning box, easy to use, with paint, suitable for professional tattoo shops.
  • The number and position of the shelves can be adjusted and disassembled, and the tray can be easily moved for cleaning and disinfection.
  • All screws must be installed before use, otherwise the tattoo bracket will become loose and fragile.
4.Tattoo portable hand rest TA-AR-09
  • Foldable and portable design: The armrest of the tattoo tripod bracket is portable, foldable, easy to store and carry, easy to install, easy to store or carry
  • High-quality tattoo armrest: It consists of an armrest pad and a sturdy structural frame, a soft adjustable pad and a sturdy metal tripod. Sturdy frame and thick foam ensure comfort during use
  • Stable design: tripod provides more stability and anti-skid (metal feet with rubber ends), anti-skid more stable, and will not harm your floor
  • COMFORTBALE Use: The tattoo arm/leg support can be fully adjusted and is durable. The sturdy frame and thick sponge material can improve customer comfort. Soft and comfortable arm, hand, wrist, shoulder, leg or foot pad

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