The pitfalls of buying tattoo products, especially tattoo ink.
The pitfalls of buying tattoo products, especially tattoo ink.
I saw a help post on the forum: What happened to my tattoo?
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  • The reason for the matter: This is the picture effect after the color tattoo he bought from other equipment suppliers. On the 10th day of the recovery period, the color faded very badly. Ask everyone if the red dye will fade so badly?
Because of my shallow knowledge, I dare not comment privately, so I consulted a senior tattoo artist in the tattoo industry, and the mystery was finally solved.
  • 1. The ink only stays on the surface of the skin: the tattoo should accurately inject the tattoo color into the dermis of the skin in the best saturated state. The tattoo color is not easily metabolized in this skin layer. The patterns made by powerful tattoo artists will not fade even after decades.
Therefore, it may be that he pierced too shallowly to pierce the dermis.
  • 2. Improper maintenance: Xenophobia may have occurred during the recovery period. Or the scar may be pulled out by hand. I have written an article about the treatment after rejection and how to maintain the tattoo, and reviewed it!
  • 3. Without shaking before use: If it is left standing, the colored materials will separate and be uneven. Only the final effect of the upper layer will definitely appear chromatic aberration, and the color will become lighter. Therefore, be sure to shake it before use.
  • 4. Fake paint: This is a terrible trap! The importance of ink to the tattoo artist directly affects the effect of the work.
  • False color materials not only affect the work (easy to fade), but also cause customer allergies, infections and skin ulcers, which will destroy their own handicrafts and large objects on signs.
Once the fake paint is purchased, it is simply a disaster!
What is fake dye?
  • First, the logo is very vague. If you get it, you will find that there is nothing on the logo, which is fake.
  • Some ink is very thin when poured, which may be fake.
  • It is called imported color material, and the result is that it is only used for painting, and you can imagine the consequences of using it on humans.
  • Nowadays, counterfeiting technology is indeed getting higher and higher. It is difficult to distinguish true from false in appearance. I can only recommend that you don't buy it cheaply, but buy it from a regular equipment supplier. At least there is a guarantee, you can use it with confidence.

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