Which tattoo is the most artistic?

Ink tattoos are "ink paintings" on the skin.
As a form of expression of Chinese painting, it is also called Chinese painting.

It generally refers to paintings made with ink and wash.
Ink wash is the origin of Chinese painting.
Draw ink and wash paintings based on brush and ink techniques.

The method of ink painting can also be used in modern tattoos.
Produce rich changes from burnt, thick, heavy, light and clear ink colors,
The performance of objects has a unique artistic effect.

Only ink, black and white,
Thick ink, light ink, dry ink, wet ink, burnt ink, etc.,
Paint different shades (black, white, gray) levels.

The close-up is realistic, the distant view is abstract, the colors are subtle, and the artistic conception is rich.

Ink tattoos have the artistic effect of water and milk blending, hearty and vivid.
Layers of wet and dry tones create a visual sense of wetness and penetration.
Ink tattoos not only have the spirit of freehand brushwork, but also the spirit of life.

It has both natural weather and humanistic weather.
There are various tattoo themes, as well as their elegance.

Figures, flowers and birds, and landscapes can all be used as themes.
Calligraphic fonts are also popular

basically black and white
The colors are simple but not monotonous.

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