Which 6 tattoo styles are the most popular?
There are many styles of tattoo furniture and tattoo beds.
The tattoo bed has simple style, dark style, sweet style and wild style.
TATARTIST classic tattoo bed belongs to fashion and simple style.
Always the best match with your tattoo studio.
Let me talk about the following four classic styles:

1. Tradition
2. School
3. Realism
Four. totem

Why is it a classic style, because these 4 tattoos are the most popular and mainstream. Most of the pictures you find online or with friends around you fall into these 4 categories.

1.Traditional tattoos are basically divided into three categories, Japanese old tradition, Japanese new tradition, and Chinese tradition.
Old Japanese Tradition: Evolved from Japanese Ukiyo-e. It was indeed a symbol of the Yakuza (gangster) at first. Japanese clubs all have tattoos to show their determination to isolate themselves from the world, and the level will be proportional to the number of tattoos. , due to the emphasis on cutting off fingers and apologies, tattoos are still associated with criminals in Japan, and many onsen baths and public places prohibit people with tattoos from entering (as do foreigners)

Japanese New Tradition: It is a change based on the old tradition, adding more basic principles of Western art, adding concepts such as "perspective" and "light and shadow" that did not appear in the old tradition, and adding many new concepts. Color matching, so it is very visually impactful, more modern, and easier to be accepted by young people.

Chinese tradition: The patterns are mainly Chinese paintings. Typical themes include Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, dragons and phoenixes, the four great beasts, and the characters of the four famous novels. The style incorporates the line drawing of traditional Chinese painting, outlines with brushstrokes, and pays attention to transitional changes.

2.European and American traditional tattoos are usually divided into two styles: old school and new school.

old school: It has typical American cultural characteristics in the 70s-90s, (emphasis, direct identification method: thick black outline, extremely weak structure, strong contrasting color and simple transition, overall thick, classic color matching is red and black, because it was very early The tattoo color was created, so it has become the mainstream color matching.

new school: Keep the setting of the black outline, and the single line begins to show rich changes in thickness. Compared with the old uniform lines and colors, the new color scheme is also bolder, forming a striking and strong visual impact.

3.Realism should be roughly divided into two types, one is portrait realism, and the other is object realism.

Those with color are also called European and American or European and American realism, and those without color are also called black gray or sketch style. The themes are usually portraits, animals, machinery, clocks and skeletons, etc.; use the expression form of Western painting, pursue similar shapes and extreme details, and only tattoo artists with excellent painting skills can do this style well. The way to distinguish it from the new school is that it has no lines and mainly uses light and shade to express, while the new school has hook lines.

4.Totem, the word comes from the Indian word "totem", which is a carrier used to record gods.

Means "its relative", "its imprint". Primitive humans took these relatives, ancestors or patron saints as their clan emblems, symbols and signs. Totem culture has become the earliest cultural phenomenon in human history. Chinese people have always been the descendants of the dragon, which is also derived from the totem culture. The history of the totem is really... so I'll keep the story short. In short, the relationship between totem and tattoo, including meaning, is really closely related.

Let's talk about the following two tattoo styles:

1. Fresh
2. The artist's personal style

1. Fresh
As long as it is a small and simple tattoo, it can be called fresh. Traditional tattoo artists call the small traditional Prajna they make small freshness, and realistic tattoo artists call the small roses, small letters, and small illustrations they make small freshness. There is no strict distinction, any theme and style can be used.

2. The artist's personal style
Some choose to take a certain classic style to the extreme, while others choose to develop their own. The personal style of many tattoo artists combines several classic styles; or a new modern style, such as geometric style, watercolor style or ink style; more popular, many people like it, but because the history is too short, it has not developed into a classic.

geometric style

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