How to identify the most popular tattoo beds?
The TA-TC-04 pro chair is one of the most popular models on the tattoo furniture market, thanks to its height-lifting system capable of full tilting of the stretcher through hydraulics, 360º rotation and adjustment of the headboard and manual leg position, in armchairs on or serve your customers in the most comfortable way possible.

TATARTIST's tattoo bed headboard is ergonomically designed and ideal for clients who need to tattoo on their backs. A comfortable tattoo bed will not affect the user experience. Tattoo Chair·Highly flexible, adjustable position.

TATARTIST's tattoo bed is the best hydraulic system on the market, low maintenance, durable and more stable. Easy-to-move casters and locks secure the stretcher more securely.

The premium foam of the TATARTIST tattoo bed is intelligent, adapts to the client's body, always returns to its original shape, is fireproof and antifungal.

TATARTIST's Tattoo Bed Support Weight: 550 lbs

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