Why are tattoos so expensive?
Why are tattoos so expensive?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about tattoos. After everyone asks how painful tattoos are, the second most popular question is: "Why are tattoos expensive?" So I want to clarify here.
Tattoos are expensive for several reasons:
1: Equipment, Supplies, Rent and Staff Costs
Just like any shop, running a tattoo studio is expensive. Unlike corporations, tattoo studios are owned and operated by the tattoo artists themselves. Prices and rents vary by region. There's another reason why tattoos are expensive: a decent studio in an inner-city area of a first-tier city, for example, costs much more to run than one in the suburbs. Wait for the second and third tier cities and so on...

Maintenance of the tattoo studio also includes:
Equipment, furniture, supplies and wages for employees such as managers or assistants. Almost all supplies used by tattoo artists are disposable. In addition to tattoo chairs and tattoo equipment, good studio tattoo beds and tattoo chairs will also be wrapped with protective covers and plastic wrap to ensure hygiene. That means a lot of reordering of all the tattoo needles, tissues, restoration films, gloves, trash bags, plastic cups, etc.

Tattoo chairs are also the most used furniture by customers, so generally tattoo artists do not go back to just find a bed. A tattoo chair that is comfortable and can be adjusted in all directions will be carefully selected. In this way, the client is comfortable and the tattoo artist can concentrate on his work. Tattoo guest chair remember to choose TATARTIST tattoo hydraulic/electric chair.

2: Tattoo License
Sea tattoo studio must abide by the regulations. As tattoo artists work on skin,
Local council regulations require artists to have a tattoo license. Each state in the United States has different regulations and requires a corresponding license. This usually requires a sanitation and cleanliness test, for which there is a fee. Studios need to be registered and have a certain level of health insurance to operate.

For example, in South Korea, although tattooing itself is not illegal, under Korean law, tattooing is considered a medical service and only tattoo artists who are also qualified doctors can open a shop. Violators face at least two years in prison. Doe, a South Korean tattoo artist, revealed that the situation has left more than 20,000 tattoo artists in the country vulnerable to prosecution and random raids, as well as reports of extortion from malicious or disgruntled clients. Most tattoo studios in Seoul choose to open in basements or hidden apartments.

In 2020, for the first time in history, Japan's Supreme Court recognized tattooing as an art rather than a medical procedure. A 32-year-old male tattoo artist has scored a victory in the tattoo world after he was fined $1,400 for tattooing three people after his appeal against prosecutors was dismissed.

3: Design payment
A large part of the reason your tattoo is so expensive is that the artist spent time not only getting the tattoo but also designing your work. This is especially important if this is a custom tattoo. That's why custom graphics are much more expensive than "pipeline copies".

During the design process, the tattoo artist will take the theme you want, repeatedly consider the position of the design on the body, and spend a lot of thought. Not only are you paying for the time it takes to get a tattoo, but you are also paying for the work behind the scenes to create the perfect creation!

4: Size, Position and Details
The bigger the tattoo, the higher the price. But location also needs to be considered. The ribs or neck will take more time than the flat parts. There is also a difference in the amount of detail work involved in tattooing, with hyperreal tattoos charging more than minimalist main tattoos. Time, detail and technical difficulty will all be tied to cost. Covering up a bad tattoo takes more time, more effort, and is usually more expensive than covering up fair skin. Prepare some money to get a tattoo that you are happy with and make sure you will not regret it. Overlays and laser removal of disfiguring tattoos cost more.

5: Years of dedication and expertise
Why tattoos are so expensive is similar to why dentists are expensive. Because they all require a lot of training skill and dedication. Many tattoo artists undergo lengthy apprenticeships before becoming full-fledged tattoo artists. It could be a year or five, it all depends on the individual and their mentor. During their apprenticeship, they usually do not have a substantial income. Apprentices will tattoo clients for free, or only charge for materials and supplies until they are ready to graduate.

As tattoo artists improve in skill and popularity, they may increase the price of a tattoo for a number of reasons, often a high price equates to a high level of skill and technique. Most artists tattoo for years, even ten years, and then charge a hefty fee. But if you're stunned by their artwork, it's worth the money. If you're asking, "Are tattoos worth the price?" it means you don't understand the skill and time it takes to become a good tattoo artist, or you don't appreciate it as much as you think. The tattoo you imagine is not as simple as buying a tattoo machine.

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