How to become a famous tattoo artist?

Famous tattoo artists spend at least an hour on Instagram every day.

Jason Elliott is a tattoo artist based in Texas, USA. In December 2018, a client requested a giant mandala pattern painted on the side of his face. When Elliott spent more than nine hours getting the tattoo done and shared it on Instagram, something unexpected happened.

The post brought Elliott over 6,000 new followers, many of whom wanted to get Elliott tattoos for themselves. For Elliott, who specializes in surreal tattoos, she never imagined that this niche tattoo pattern would take off on Instagram.

Elliott now has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram, which may not seem like a lot, but many of them have become Elliott's tattoo clients. , Elliott is just one of many tattoo artists who have benefited from Instagram.

Tattoo division is a traditional occupation with a long history. In the past, tattoo artists wanted to let more people know about themselves. In addition to advertising through traditional media such as newspapers, magazines or TV programs, they also rely on some star customers as "living signs". , but photo social platforms like Instagram give every tattoo artist the chance to become famous overnight.

"Instagram revolutionized the tattoo industry."

Brooklyn, New York-based tattoo artist Laura Martinez knows exactly that. He believes that Instagram has become every artist's online portfolio, allowing people all over the world to see their work, and it is also a great advertising platform.

Keith Mccurdy is the owner of the famous Bang Bang tattoo parlor in New York. Celebrities like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Cara Delevingne are among his clients, but his business has become inseparable from Instagram. Mccurdy says at least 90 percent of his clients come from Instagram.

Corina Weikl, an Austrian tattoo artist who loves to travel the world while getting her tattoos, uses Instagram a little differently.

Weikl will first choose the city he wants to go to next, and post tattoo designs that combine local cultural characteristics on Instagram. Customers can make online appointments for tattoos in the agreed city. She has worked for clients in countries such as Australia, Fiji, Costa Rica and Peru. Weikl tattooed and later joined Mccurdy's Bang Bang tattoo parlor in New York.

“People find me by searching for #femaletattooartist or something on Instagram. Instagram is my platform to spread the art of tattooing.”

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