How can become an excellent tattoo artist?

When you are a starting tattoo artist and don't know how to break through the bottleneck.
Don't be discouraged, you should calm down and study.
As the founder of a tattoo furniture brand, I have also learned about tattoos. I also discussed with many senior tattoo artists how to make a good tattoo. The answer he gave me was: basic skills.
Good tattoo artists must learn as they grow up.

Now self-test your basic skills:
1. How to match the gray and colorful European and American realistic colors, and how the colors transition naturally.
2. Overall composition design.
3. Refined needle sticking technology.
4. Skin damage control, the operation method of uniform haze and density, and the relationship between painting and tattoo.
5. The skills of choosing and using European and American realistic patterns and lines.
6. How to process the darkest frosted surface step by step to reduce damage to the skin.
7. Objects with different textures match different processing methods.
8. Streamlined angle needle multi-angle needle change needle technology
9. Different matte textures and colors, how to choose, adjust and use needles.
10. Realistic portraits have different facial feature processing techniques, and the matte side faces the arrangement technique.
11. The working principle of the tattoo machine system and the analysis of the characteristics of the main brand machines. You must be familiar with and understand your work partner so that you can work better.

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