How did the ancients get tattoos?
Have you ever thought about the method of making ancient tattoos?
In ancient times, the painting patterns on the human body were made by piercing the ink into the skin with needles. Most of the ink is mainly black. But after a long time, the pattern will be displayed in cyan. Therefore, the act of embroidering this cyan dye on the skin is called a tattoo.
Hand-made tattoos are too uneconomical, and the introduction of electric tattoo machines is simply the savior of tattoo artists.
The electric tattoo machine was invented by Samuel O'Reilly in 1892. The tattoo industry then ushered in a vigorous development, and the beating frequency of tattoo needles increased from 1,000 times per minute to 35,000 times per minute. The speed is very fast, a simple tattoo will take a few minutes, and the pain is greatly reduced.
  • The working principle of the tattoo machine
  1. The tattoo machine uses an intermediate voltage stabilizer and a transformer to convert the external 220V alternating current into a direct current with a voltage value of 3-20V. Under the DC voltage of 3-20V, the two main coils and the electric spraying point produce instant suction and spraying action with the help of the reciprocating motion of the spring sheet of the tattoo machine. The tattoo needle is driven to produce high-speed up and down reciprocating motion.
  2. The biggest advantage of this working method is that since it is not driven by electric motors and electric motors, and does not need to consider the power loss of electric motors and electric motors, it can generate high speed and high torque. When working, the tattoo needle evenly pierces the epidermis at high speed and implants the tattoo pigment into the base layer of the epidermis to make the pigment immortal in the epidermis, forming exquisite patterns and texts of various pigment combinations to modify the scars on the skin and epidermis. cover.
  3. The tattoo machine is composed of main parts, such as the main body frame of the tattoo (there is a difference between stamping, casting, wire cutting and manual welding), electromagnetic coil, capacitor, vibration suspension iron, shrapnel, adjustment ejector screw and other main components, all These are essential.


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