Product introduction of new tattoo hand rest TA-AM-19 & 20
Product introduction of new tattoo hand rest
1. Lengthen and widen the tattoo hand rest.
Length: 70CM
Width: 32CM
(It is twice the size of the normal style)
2. The software can rotate 0-180°, and the tattoo artist can adjust the angle of the auxiliary hand rest according to his sitting habits. Long-term tattoos can reduce joint strain problems.
3. For the supporting metal part of the tattoo hand rest, you can add the accessories you need. TatArtist stock accessories (wall holder 1 or 2) can hold tattoo pens, tissue boxes, transfer paper, air film, etc.
4. The metal chassis is thick and stable.
This model is a new special function of TA-AM-19.
1. The software can be switched to the inclined state.
Adjustment method: The two metal brackets supporting the software have different lengths. As long as the fixing device is twisted, the inclination of the software can be easily adjusted.
This design concept originated from the sharing of TatArtis tattoo artist members and friends. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact customer service and provide a screenshot of the TatArtist product you purchased. We will deal with it as soon as possible.

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