TATARTIST - 3 secrets of tattoo client chair material

Many people like tattoos, and many tattoo studios of different sizes have emerged on the market. You must be wondering what material the tattoo bed is made of!
Curious babies are the smartest, let's learn together.

1. Bed structure: Common tattoo bed bottom frames include wooden frame, spray iron frame, and stainless steel frame. Generally, wooden frames are taller, followed by plastic and stainless steel. These three materials are the best in TatArtist, so the bottom frame of the tattoo chair is strong and reliable.

2. The filling in the soft bag is matched with two soft and hard sponges to ensure a certain degree of comfort while also ensuring the non-deformation and high resilience of the bed. Imitation leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, etc., can also be fabric (specially customized).

3. Lifting structure: General tattoo chairs are divided into electric lifting and hydraulic lifting. The price difference between the two is very obvious. Hydraulic lifting principle: It is mainly to realize the lifting function through the pressure transmission of hydraulic oil.
Electric lifting principle: equipped with a silent motor to control the lifting, simple operation, convenient for more tattoo artists to be in a hurry. Both are safe, reliable and stable.


Tattoo client chair

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