XL Tattoo Armrest Ready To Restore Inventory
Hello, TATARTIST fans!
I often receive inquiries from everyone in the background,
1. When will XLLL hand rests be available?
2. When will the enlarged size TA-AM-19 be launched?
3. When is there a tattoo client chair in Canada?
4. When will the TA-WS-16C tattoo tool cart be launched?
First of all thank you for your support and understanding!
Affected by the epidemic, there are many force majeure factors, resulting in extended delivery time!
Good news, TATAARTIST's new tattoo client chair TA-TC-04C will be available at the end of September!
At the same time, tattoos will increase the size of the hand rest, and TA-AM-19 and TA-AM-20 will also restore inventory.
The quantity is sufficient. If you want to receive the goods as soon as possible, it is recommended that you subscribe to the TATARIST official website and collect it.
The Canadian warehouse replenishment time is to be determined.
If you purchase multiple products at once, you can enjoy discounts. Please contact customer service in the background.
Or send an email directly to: sylvia@tatartist.com
Tattoo armrest

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