TatArtist Tattoo Machine Set, Tattoo Pen

Tattoo Gun Kit


If you are looking for a tattoo gun as your friendly partner, you can't miss my recommendation.

  • Shiny and high-quality aviation aluminum body.
  • Low noise, long-lasting stability and light weight.


Tattoo kit accessories list:

1.Tatartist tattoo pen 1

2.Digital Display Power Supply 1

3.Power cable 1(American plug)

4.Black pedal 1

5.Tattoo needle 20 (1003RL.1205RL.1207RM.1009M1 five each)

6.Sheets of transfer paper 5

7.Small thickening practice leather 1

8.Non slip bandage 2 (2.5x450cm)

9.Large glove 1 piece

10.Tattoo Toolbox 1 (33*27*8cm)


Tattoo Gun Kit

Tattoo gunTattoo gun kit

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